Tired of working from home in your pyjamas?

Tau is what you need!

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We have what you need

Tau is a self managed NGO coworking space, currently attended by a dozen freelancers (developers, translators, designers, videographers, cosmonaut…). Open to all profiles, including yours! 130 m² split in multiple rooms right in the center of Toulouse, at Place de la Daurade.


Enjoy your free discovery day to meet the place and the people

Set up your free discovery day

Permanent : 150€ / month

Get your own desk, filled up with your stuff, like your cat's picture

Nomad : 120€ / month

Kill the routine, set up on a new desk every day

12 half-day tickets to spend whenever you want : 60€

Use it whenever you want!

Not a match? Let's discuss what pricing would suit you the best. Your first day is free anyway! Yearly organisation subscription : 1 euro

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Available Services

24/7 unlimited access

You get the keys

Break room

Sofas, cutlery, fridge, microwave, darts

Fibre internet connexion

300Mo Wi-Fi download and 1Go Ethernet

Laser color printer, scanner

Very simple to set up

Unlimited tea, coffee, toilet paper etc.

We all have addictions


Mealtime is a great opportunity to exchange with coworkers

Unlimited drinking water

We also have hot water!

Unlimited access to the Place de la Daurade

When the weather's fine

Want to know more about how it works?

Have a look at our manifesτau (french)


Contact us immediately!

To get more info, the best is for you to come and check the space out. Drop us a quick email to schedule that!

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